This music was part of a interactive art installation at the event Shortest Night Of The Year in 2016 in Twentynine Palms California.. just outside the worlds largest Marine base. The concept was one of dark science fiction and was partly born of a reaction to the whole music-is-love platitude and highly influenced by things like Skinny Puppy, Bladerunner, cyberpunk, drum and bass etc. I imagined a futuristic defense corporation having an audio r&d department that experimented with audio to achieve battlefield goals. The installation used sensors and a gun shaped input to alter the music in real time so this audio would be just one example of how it could have sounded.

Composed in 29 Palms, California in 2016. Influenced by life in 29 and dedicated to the Marines of the MCAGCC who are willing to put themselves in harms way and train in the hot ass desert.