Soundtrack to the Very! produced four part television show "This Is What I Hear"

This is a series of tracks created for the Very! produced television show This Is What I Hear. TIWIH is a show about people losing their hearing and living with profound deafness. The tracks are highly textural and generally live somewhere between music and pure sound design, if one even considers those things distinct. Thank you to Angie, Mak CK and everyone at Very!

Primary composing tools: Field Recordings (Zoom), Piano/Pianoteq, Slate + Ash Auras, Roli Seaboard, Equator, Koma Field Kit/FX.

Joseph Minadeo -
Siori Kitajima -
PatternBased -

Very! Singapore -
Mac CK -
released February 2, 2019

Music: Joseph Minadeo
Album Art: Siori Kitajima
Label: PatternBased

Show Production: Very!
Director: Mak CK